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The 06 best cryptocurrencies to invest in this 2023

December 5, 2022

Without a doubt, the cryptoactive business today has revolutionized the world, we can even see how in some countries these virtual currencies have been taken as official currencies of those countries, which gives them great solidity and that every day more and more investors want to get into the business of buying cryptocurrency.

If you are a person who wants to start investing in the world of cryptocurrencies, you will surely be interested in this information, here you will be able to see which are the best to invest in and which, if you do it correctly, you can obtain excellent profits.

WhiteBIT Token (WBT): Although this token was launched in mid-August of this year, it is one of the most complete projects in the entire WhiteBIT ecosystem, since it is integrated into all WhiteBIT services, it facilitates user access to this great platform.

What makes this asset more fascinating is that after its launch, 15 minutes later, more than one million WBTs were sold. Another thing that we must also take into account is its operating mechanism, by eliminating circulation tokens the other tokens correct the imbalance which generates that they are valued very quickly and their users obtain very good profits; In addition, this token has conquered some Exchanges such as, Huobi Global among others.

Bitcoin: Without a doubt, Bitcoin is the most popular currency that exists, its performance is the one that best stands out among the currencies that exist, this currency stands out for its great volatility and seeing its growth which has reached up to 10,000 % in the last decade.

Another reason why this currency stands out is because of the support it has in its blockchain technology, which stands out for being decentralized, useful, and secure, although its price stands out for going up and down in price, it is expected that in the coming years reach incredible levels and exceed their historical prices.

In the future, a BTC is expected to reach a price of one million dollars. If this projection comes true, small and large investors are expected to have very good profits considering its great growth.

ApeCoin (APE): This cryptocurrency was launched on the market in March 2022, we highlight it as one of the best cryptoactives to invest in considering its resistance. Apecoin had an incredible performance when it was launched, reaching a value of $39, which hit the ceiling and left a significant precedent as a historical price.

This resistance and this price must be attributed to its great association with two very profitable NTF projects such as BAYC and MAYC. In the same way, it is worth noting the great effort that crypto investors and influencers are making to maintain its price and raise it, which has made it stand out in crypto asset forums and portals.

Solana (SOL): Solana has stood out for being the most innovative smart contract platform, it has rapid growth in November in its historical peaks SOL has reached a yield of 130000% this token has been around for a little over a year However, lately we have noticed how its price has collapsed as a reaction to the bearish trends that the markets have.

However, we must take into account the growth that the Solana ecosystem has had, it is noteworthy that today its network has been integrated with very popular cryptographic technologies such as dApps, Web3, Metaverse, Defi, DEXs, NFTs, and even has come to associate with some meme coins.

Without a doubt, this crypto asset is worth taking into account for the year 2023, it stands out for its resistance and great association with excellent platforms, which makes it attract the attention of many investors.

Shiba Inu (SHIB): This meme coin was launched in 2020, without a doubt one of the most popular coins because it has a large community behind it, Shiba Inu’s fame skyrocketed when it was branded as the coin that banished dogecoin if we look at this coin we can highlight its growth of more than 5,000,000%.

Although in the near future we cannot expect it to have a similar growth if its price is expected to skyrocket again in the future, this cryptocurrency is considered the best investment in the face of the crisis that all crypto assets are experiencing.

In the same way, we highlight its developers who have made an effort to demonstrate its long-term sustainability, although it is difficult to establish how far its price will go if we can report that given the studies carried out, this currency will continue to have a bullish rate.

To finish this analysis, we recommend taking into account some previous studies before investing in cryptocurrencies, always keeping an eye on Bitcoin since it stands out as the pillar and outstanding cryptocurrency of this digital world.

Despite the fact that the market is in a crisis, we must bear in mind that these had already existed before and that after overcoming them, the majority of crypto assets exceed their historical maximum, so let’s not wait any longer and invest in these digital currencies, which without a doubt Some will change the future.