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Home insurance quotes

December 5, 2022

Home insurance is undoubtedly the best investment we can make, we must remember that when we take out home insurance we are protecting our own economic interests if not those of the whole family. Most companies offer different insurance packages that allow us to protect both our home and our vehicle, for this reason, it is important when choosing to make the best decision and protect all our interests.

When you insure your home you can also insure your car, most insurance companies offer these packages or benefits with excellent discounts, however, we must always read their scope in order to choose the best option.

Why bundle an insurance policy?

Lo más importante es ahorrar dinero, el seguro de hogar y auto es la forma más fácil de ahorrar cientos de dólares, la mayoría de las compañías ofrecen este servicio pagando 2×1, si necesitas comprar un seguro de vehículo o de hogar puedes ahorrar cientos de dólares comprando estos dos servicios en paquetes .

If you purchase the vehicle and home insurance package, it will be easier for you to manage the policies in one place, this is because they are the same documents, in the same way, you can have access to the following information:

  1. Download and view policy documents in one place.
  2. Pay and manage all invoices in a secure and timely manner.
  3. Present, follow up, and see the solution to your requests.
  4. Verify coverage and policy changes in a timely manner.

An insurance package for your home and vehicle allows you to see and manage all your insurance in one place and wherever you are, as well as have access to the different applications offered by different companies.

How much do I save when I buy vehicle insurance and home insurance combined?

Because all companies offer different rates, the savings that can be generated between a vehicle insurance policy and a combined home insurance policy is uncertain, however, it could save at least between 500 to 1000 dollars per year, you can check between the different online insurance policy simulators.

What are the multi-policy discounts?

Discounts for multiple policies are those offered by different companies when we acquire their services. Most of the time, insurers offer excellent benefits when their clients buy combined home insurance and vehicle insurance packages.

If we have different properties, we must take into account the different packages offered by insurance companies, always seeking to take advantage of the benefits of buying home and vehicle insurance, and always remember that the money saved can be used to invest in fun for our family, insurance offered by most companies to combine are the following:

  1. Auto and home insurance
  2. Auto and renters insurance
  3. Auto and condo insurance

In the same way, we must remember that if we already have home insurance or vehicle insurance, we can ask the insurance company if we can combine them and the advantages they offer us with this, we will have full coverage that will help us in case happen. Any incident that may affect the assets of our family.

If you have any doubts or questions, leave them in the comments and we will gladly help you solve them.

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