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Binance’s BNB chain will seek to recruit 30,000 new WEB3 developers throughout Latin America by 2022 and early 2023

December 15, 2022

BNB chain, owned by the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance, has everything ready to launch a Web3 development course for Latin American students, due to the great reception that the region is having for the cryptocurrency exchange activity, seeking every day to strengthen the security of exchanges and improve the security of the blockchain.

To carry out the development training, it was necessary to unite the BNB chain, a Blockchain network created by Binance, and the Platzi education platform, announcing that they are ready to launch a Web3 development course for the entire Latin American region.

The idea of these two greats is that by the end of this year and the beginning of 2023 this course will be accessible to at least 30,000 students, which will be available in Spanish and it is intended that students can build on the Web3 with BNB chain.

This course is an excellent effort with the objective of promoting the adoption of Blockchain technologies and education in Web3 in Latin America. In general, the biggest obstacle to the entry of these technologies is misinformation together with the regulations of the different local governments which are not very clear on the subject.

According to surveys carried out even people who at this moment already buy cryptocurrencies, they are not clear about how this technology works, which leaves a great unknown about the proper use of the different platforms for the exchange of crypto assets.

It is for this reason that at this time Binance through BNB Chain seeks to train the largest number of people in the development of Web3, pretending that these, in turn, are multipliers of information and reach millions of people in Latin America.

Let us remember that in some Latin American countries millions of dollars are traded daily in cryptocurrencies, therefore the idea of offering these educational courses is to empower the population outside financial institutions about these new technologies.

The main objective is to increase the accessibility of resources in order to build Web3 tools in the BNB chain, significantly supporting the progress and development of an entire region.

It should be noted that El Salvador was one of the first countries to make Bitcoin a legal currency, therefore efforts are being focused on educating this region about the use of cryptocurrencies; In this country, a basic course called My First Bitcoin, which means my first Bitcoin, was implemented and what it seeks is for all Salvadorans to understand what Blockchain technology is and how cryptocurrency exchange is carried out.

To encourage the participation of people in the different regions in the new BNB chain course, attendees will have a 100% scholarship for the new online study, which is very attractive, especially for the young population of different countries.

Without a doubt, Latin America is classified as a center of growing innovation as well as cryptocurrency and Web3 developers, having a very good acceptance of the different resources that are initiated by large companies such as Binance, where in conjunction with MasterCard they launched prepaid cryptocurrency cards which have had a great reception.